Wednesday, August 29, 2012

honesty corner, three

These past few days, these past few months, okay, these past few years have been a whirlwind, but it truly does come down to these past few weeks. I've heard many people say that your teens are the most complicated time, but I would like to question those people and raise them a few points. I honestly feel as though the twenties are the most difficult, and I'm fresh into them. You see, in your 'teens' you at least believe you have the world figured out. You face difficulties, but for the most part, you believe that you're infallible. Part of me misses that feeling...

And then there is the roaring lion in my head telling me that I truly don't miss it. Who honestly would miss young ignorance when you're faced with more truth, more soul, more life? These past few weeks have been hard, but not due to physical problems, more so due to a person boot camp I appear to be putting my mind through. It's a battle I fight silently for the most part, besides this post. It's a battle I barely even speak of, not even to my best friend.

I'm learning things...and that could the the child of many other things, but when you get right down to it, I'm in an age of growing and learning. I can over analyze all I want, but the simple solution is right there.

When you get down and gritty with it, I'm growing as a woman, and that's a complicated thing to do.

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