Friday, November 30, 2012

not naked days, winter sminter

outfit details; obey shirt from the buckle; scarf made by my sister; tights from rue 21; boots from go jane; levi shorts that used to be my brothers but i cut em up. THANKS TROY!

Growing up is complicated, and strange. Everyone tries to warn up, but I know I never listened. Today was good. I came home to flowers and a sweet note after a pretty crappy morning. I hope your day and life is going really, really well.

stay tuned,

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the soulless feature, screenprinting wonders

Untitled #7

who doesn't love a good screenprinting company? especially when you get down to the knitty gritty, and most of the screenprinting companies we love are just small businesses, like all of our etsy shops! sure, you could go get a typical 'graphic tee' from your local american eagle, but where is the fun in that? SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES. 

up above we have items from skyline fever, jawbreaking, and live to love apparel

what screenprinting companies do you love?

Monday, November 26, 2012

honestly corner, careful, i'm being feisty

Every reader is a blessing. You should be thankful for anyone who takes the time out of their lives to read your blog, but I've been noticing something that is starting to bother me a little bit. I know that heartfelt comments aren't common, but why aren't they?

Lately I worry that people just want their blog name out there, so they comment on the pretty pictures and ignore the words or the story that as bloggers we are putting out there. Excuse my vulgar language, but you shouldn't be 'whoring' your blog out there just for followers.

This is a community. This is a place to build relationships, to build on the person you are, to let your creativity build it's self. This is not a 'popular' thing. Leave that back in grade school, guys and gals.

Keep this place pure. Keep this community pure, please.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

support small businesses!

Lots of money is spent the Friday after Thanksgiving, even if I like it better as 'Buy Nothing Day' or 'Work Seventeen Hours to not be appreciated by customers' day. What IS GOOD when it comes to shopping after Thanksgiving, is the appreciated Saturday that comes after, Small Business Saturday. It's a day to really stop buying your Starbucks coffee, and your items manufactured by poor little children in other countries, and to support handmade and local businesses. Go to your local coffee shop. Buy something off Etsy. Visit that cute little boutique that you love. Go to a junk store. DO ANYTHING (but buy anything corporate and commercial, of course).

Here are a few lovely small businesses you can support today;

Flossie Fern's Vulgar Medicinals,
(Enter DARKFRIDAY at checkout for 35% off!)

Sweet Daisy Shop, for amazingly handcrafted pieces,
(Enter BLACK20 at checkout for 20% off!)

Sew Much Yarn for some really adorable crochet pieces,

Roots and Feathers for some bohemian trinkets,
(Enter BLACKNUMBERONE for 20% off!)

OR, simply go surf around etsy. I promise you'll find better things then you will EVER find in your mall.

happy late thanksgiving, folks.

I know, I know, I'm late. Thanksgiving was TWO days ago. Yesterday I work for seventeen hours at my two day jobs, but I SURVIVED. I'm thankful that I survived. I'm thankful that my boyfriend can cook, because I can't. I'm thankful for my crazy family. I'm thankful for my basement apartment. I'm thankful that it feels like spring in Colorado right now. I'm thankful for this made up holiday, and wine.

stay tuned,

Friday, November 23, 2012

not naked days, the new attire

first day at my new workplace, and this was my ensemble. back to a world of leggings and tights. would it be strange to admit excitement? because it's definitely there. if only i had gotten a close up of the earrings, they include canine teeth.

stay tuned,

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the soulless feature, sweaters and more sweaters


Wildfox Couture baggy shirt / Yellow top / Loose sweater / Crew neck sweater, / AX Paris jumper sweater

With a new job where the attire is basically leggings, a comfy sweater, boots and a thousand accessories, this is what I'm currently lusting after. You can wear a skull sweater shirt why you're piercing a three year olds ears, right?


Saturday, November 17, 2012

ooooh, gypsy woman

just a reminder to say what you feel, and follow your fucking heart. always.

happy saturday,

photograph credit to the bohemian collective from their gorgeous mystic moon lookbook!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

honesty corner, begin again

'In here we are fresh...'

That's how this began, this blog, this new project, this new beginning. I'm realizing now that I wrote down those words straight from my heart and onto this screen, but I failed to realize how true those words were. I failed to understand the fresh pallet I was beginning for myself, this new surface that I was finally giving myself reign to figure out who I am, what I was meant to create, and what my heart was brought to this earth to produce. I'm not speaking for the world to see, but something for my soul to be proud of, something that will cause my chest to be full of joy and warmth.

Now with that said, there is a small announcement to say, that is just for myself, but it is worth it to be expressed on Delicate Gypsy, because it matters to Tea at Noon and to me, Laura Shane. Originally, I thought I was going to keep all my old jewelry, my old creations, but I was wrong. I did keep a few, the ones that my heart felt right keeping, but some of them are my beginning creations. And although I like seeing where it leads me, and how it changes, I will start producing all new creations. It begins with ripping everything apart, and starting fresh. It's a breath of fresh air for the realization. In your twenties, in your life, you are constantly growing. Growing as a human being, and this is me, growing creatively.

In here we ARE fresh.
In here we ARE ourselves.
In here we ARE growing.
In HERE we are HAPPY.

I truly appreciate you reading this journey with me, it means a lot.

Monday, November 12, 2012

not naked days, it's fall, right?

outfit details; dress, junk store; jacket, forever21; scarf, sewmuchyarn; boots,

Working in retail, and in extremely commercial retail, you're kind of forced to dress the way they want you to, every day. Today is my off Saturday, and you can bet your ass I'm enjoying it. Finally I get to put my jeans away, put my clearly 'american eagle' clothes away, and dress how I WANT TO. At least at buckle it was like playing 'dress up'. (Yes, yes, Erika!)

My dress was a dollar, by the way. I'm pretty in love.

stay tuned,

Friday, November 9, 2012

daily life, peace out october

and this consists of; legitimately delicious french onion soup from a local french bakery, abandoned purple witch house from 1864 a block from our home, driving around on halloween screaming to flogging molly, got tired of seeing these tights on tumblr so i made them, amazing food at our local bar, the beautiful baby girl izzy who i get to baby sit and who enjoys dropping my necklace down my shirt only to retrieve it, and my amazin' man at his birthday dinner.

here's my past couple weeks. i'm not good at consistency.

stay tuned,

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

honesty corner, k a t c h

Somewhere in this world there is an Irish woman, and a feisty Irish woman at that. She enjoys going to a coffee shop, and when you meet her you cannot help but to become attached to her spirit. It radiates from her flaming hair, and you do not even have to speak to her. You can simply witness her from your little quiet corner of the coffee shop, as you both carry on to do whatever you are sitting there to do.

But if you do get the chance to speak with her, you should consider yourself extremely lucky because deep inside she is everything that you ever thought a woman should be. Her strength is magnificent, her wonder has never died out through out her years, and her heart? She's never spent a day not listening to it. She is proof that you can follow every path your heart leads you on, and still never spend a day producing anything toxic in this world.

You meet this woman, and if you have never met anyone like her, it gets you thinking. It gets your thoughts in circles, and makes you wonder what you're doing with your life. It makes you wonder why, at the young age you are, have you already spent time not listening to your own heart? This woman never did anything she did not to do, and she managed to do this without hurting anyone in the world.

In my world, she made me wonder why I do things my heart is telling me not to, or why I don't follow every whim my heart leads me to. Why do I let a silly job put me down so much that when I'm not there I never find myself doing what I want to do? She showed me that I am wasting my own world by allowing something that will not matter in years to come, effect my life and add a darkness to my heart. Those things don't matter, only the light in my heart does. It's simple, and I have allowed it to be complicated. They say November is the month of thanks, and I am thankful for this woman, even if I only know her from a distance. Thankful that I can realize this now, while I am young, while I can change everything. No matter your age, you should start following your heart now. Especially if it is screaming at you to, and you've been ignoring it.

We should all aspire to be like Katch. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

not naked days, haallowweeen!

outfit details; sweater, free on side of street; scarf, sewmuchyarn; tights, cut up by me; boots,

Yeah, I know Halloween was nearly a week ago. Yes, I know I didn't dress up. Instead, I spent the night with my amazing man on his twenty-second birthday. We spent it driving around screaming at the  top of our lungs to ska and rap that warms our hearts. I love this guy, a lot. And hey, at least my tights were festive! 

Stay tuned, 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

daily life, oh to be home

I cannot express how wonderful being home felt, with everyone whom I love so much. My mom and big brother are missing. Once the official 'wedding pictures' are done being edited, I'll have one with my brother. As for my mom, she would literally murder me if I posted one of her on here. She HATES pictures.

Hope your saturday is lovely.