Saturday, November 24, 2012

support small businesses!

Lots of money is spent the Friday after Thanksgiving, even if I like it better as 'Buy Nothing Day' or 'Work Seventeen Hours to not be appreciated by customers' day. What IS GOOD when it comes to shopping after Thanksgiving, is the appreciated Saturday that comes after, Small Business Saturday. It's a day to really stop buying your Starbucks coffee, and your items manufactured by poor little children in other countries, and to support handmade and local businesses. Go to your local coffee shop. Buy something off Etsy. Visit that cute little boutique that you love. Go to a junk store. DO ANYTHING (but buy anything corporate and commercial, of course).

Here are a few lovely small businesses you can support today;

Flossie Fern's Vulgar Medicinals,
(Enter DARKFRIDAY at checkout for 35% off!)

Sweet Daisy Shop, for amazingly handcrafted pieces,
(Enter BLACK20 at checkout for 20% off!)

Sew Much Yarn for some really adorable crochet pieces,

Roots and Feathers for some bohemian trinkets,
(Enter BLACKNUMBERONE for 20% off!)

OR, simply go surf around etsy. I promise you'll find better things then you will EVER find in your mall.

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