about the girl

My name is Laura Shane. I'm the writer here at Delicate Gypsy. I'm not professional, and I can't fool a damn soul. There are few things I know, and even fewer I believe in. I'm a fan of honesty and being real, and that's I pride myself on. There will never be any 'cutesy' bullshit on this blog, but don't misunderstand, I am a lover of cute things. 

My veins are flowing with gypsy blood from my momma. You can nearly always find a book in my bag, and a journal close by. I surround myself with beads, wire and usually some kind of a mess. I'm about the moments you remember, the ones that you want to repeat. My heart feels alive when I'm wandering around the dirty desert at all hours of the night. There's something beautiful about the world, and I never let myself forget it. I'm about the beautiful simplicity that people take for granted. 

I'm a writer, and a crafter, and a daughter, but don't read too much into these words, because I'm a real woman, too. I have no idea where any of this is going, but that's all part of fun.

I'm a woman on a journey to find MY VOICE.

You can find me in real life, too.
Twitter // wordsofshane
Tumblr // spillthepaint
Tumblr #2 // wordsofshane
Instagram // laurashane

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