Tuesday, April 9, 2013

out living in the world, march & april (two)

GUYS, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. I know I've been missing here and I keep making promises that I'll come back, but it's hard to record life when you're actually spending your days in the moment. I feel as though I always wrote these words, trying to find life in them, trying to create life in myself by recording them, and it never did it. I was still searching, blindly hoping that one day life would turn around, and you know what? I made it turn around. I wake up every morning and want to live in the moment, and be here. I laugh and I play. I read and I write again. I feel alive.

And I probably am beginning to sound like a broken record. So, just hang with me, and take the photographs above as proof that I am not sitting on my couch eating cookie dough, but living and being stoked on, well, everything.


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