Wednesday, November 14, 2012

honesty corner, begin again

'In here we are fresh...'

That's how this began, this blog, this new project, this new beginning. I'm realizing now that I wrote down those words straight from my heart and onto this screen, but I failed to realize how true those words were. I failed to understand the fresh pallet I was beginning for myself, this new surface that I was finally giving myself reign to figure out who I am, what I was meant to create, and what my heart was brought to this earth to produce. I'm not speaking for the world to see, but something for my soul to be proud of, something that will cause my chest to be full of joy and warmth.

Now with that said, there is a small announcement to say, that is just for myself, but it is worth it to be expressed on Delicate Gypsy, because it matters to Tea at Noon and to me, Laura Shane. Originally, I thought I was going to keep all my old jewelry, my old creations, but I was wrong. I did keep a few, the ones that my heart felt right keeping, but some of them are my beginning creations. And although I like seeing where it leads me, and how it changes, I will start producing all new creations. It begins with ripping everything apart, and starting fresh. It's a breath of fresh air for the realization. In your twenties, in your life, you are constantly growing. Growing as a human being, and this is me, growing creatively.

In here we ARE fresh.
In here we ARE ourselves.
In here we ARE growing.
In HERE we are HAPPY.

I truly appreciate you reading this journey with me, it means a lot.

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