Wednesday, November 7, 2012

honesty corner, k a t c h

Somewhere in this world there is an Irish woman, and a feisty Irish woman at that. She enjoys going to a coffee shop, and when you meet her you cannot help but to become attached to her spirit. It radiates from her flaming hair, and you do not even have to speak to her. You can simply witness her from your little quiet corner of the coffee shop, as you both carry on to do whatever you are sitting there to do.

But if you do get the chance to speak with her, you should consider yourself extremely lucky because deep inside she is everything that you ever thought a woman should be. Her strength is magnificent, her wonder has never died out through out her years, and her heart? She's never spent a day not listening to it. She is proof that you can follow every path your heart leads you on, and still never spend a day producing anything toxic in this world.

You meet this woman, and if you have never met anyone like her, it gets you thinking. It gets your thoughts in circles, and makes you wonder what you're doing with your life. It makes you wonder why, at the young age you are, have you already spent time not listening to your own heart? This woman never did anything she did not to do, and she managed to do this without hurting anyone in the world.

In my world, she made me wonder why I do things my heart is telling me not to, or why I don't follow every whim my heart leads me to. Why do I let a silly job put me down so much that when I'm not there I never find myself doing what I want to do? She showed me that I am wasting my own world by allowing something that will not matter in years to come, effect my life and add a darkness to my heart. Those things don't matter, only the light in my heart does. It's simple, and I have allowed it to be complicated. They say November is the month of thanks, and I am thankful for this woman, even if I only know her from a distance. Thankful that I can realize this now, while I am young, while I can change everything. No matter your age, you should start following your heart now. Especially if it is screaming at you to, and you've been ignoring it.

We should all aspire to be like Katch. 

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