Saturday, August 25, 2012

a new retail adventure

Besides a two month blip at McDonalds, most of my grown up 'day job' career has been filled with retail. From being a third key at Icing, and then Claire's, to being an assistant manager at Rue 21. I like clothes, so retail made sense for me (and the discount does not hurt either!). So obviously when I took the plunge to Colorado, I applied at retail jobs because we all know that we have to make money to pay for our internet bill.

And within the first few days, I was extremely lucky. I got an interview at 'The Buckle' and a week later I got a call for a job. Currently, I work all the freight in the back room. It's not what I'm used to, but it's a nice change from being in charge. I also love to see all the beautiful clothes coming in before everyone else!

Now for a little bit of honestly, because I got this job, I never stepped foot in a Buckle. I had looked in the windows, and at the beautiful shoe towers outside, but deep in my heart I knew that everything in that store was way out of my budget. I've always been a thrift/bargain shopper. My momma trained me that way from out of the womb. I didn't think I would ever be able to find enough excuses spend (insert insane amount of money here) on one item of clothing. And, if we're being completely honest, I was under the impression that I despised all things Affliction.

Well folks, I assumed wrong.

I will never turn my back on thrifting, or bargain hunting, I just love it too much. But, I also found that I actually really love nice, slightly pricey clothes. I'm slightly ashamed, but at the same time I just can't help it. I even will admit to having ninety dollar jeans on layaway right now. I know! I know! Trust me, if you tried on these pants, you, too, would succumb to the comfort of them. I even have a worse confession...

I, the girl who has always hated all things embellished and all sequins, is slowly warming up to them. I even have a shirt with sequins on layaway. I do not know what is happening. Working around these clothes will be the death of me.

They are just so...beautiful. (and it also helps that the girls I work with and my manager are AMAZING)

I mean my manager made me chocolate chocolate chip cream cheese filled cupcakes for my birthday...

Stay tuned to see how I continue to succumb to the cat call of stunning clothes (and delicious baked treats...)

l. shane

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