Wednesday, August 8, 2012

From California to Colorado...

A little bit of adventure, some childhood friends (on my part) and a strong sense of needing a change - that's why you could say I'm in Colorado. After a few months of planning, a few months of saving, and a whim, my boyfriend and I made the twenty-one hour trek to Colorado. (Both being California kids, mind you!)

Let's be honest with each other, 2011 was a shitty year. Ooo, I said shitty, but it really was. My little brother got hit by a truck while riding his skateboard in May, and it's pretty safe to say that life changed drastically after that point in time for me and my entire family. The rest of the year, and a good portion of 2012, was filled dealing with his new handicap and coming to terms with this new world we had been thrown in. It's funny how one event can change the whole way you look at the world.

In short, that's just how I got the umph to leave my home and move about 1300 miles away. It's kind of old news now, not to be cold, but even to my little brother it's old news. He was never one to hold onto the past or hold grudges, that's me. He's always been more of a 'This is what we're doing now, Okay' kind of kid. I admire that kid, so much. Besides, he never gets off the phone without telling me that he is, in fact, going to win the lottery and move out to Colorado with me and Ryan. 

To say Colorado has been a change would be an understatement. From California to Colorado was like going from lovely hot bath, to turning on the freezing shower. I'm sure to some that sounds ridiculous, after all, to real midwesterners Colorado IS NOT the midwest, but to a West Coast Southern California girl, it is. If we're being stereotypical I went from hippies and desert rats, to cowgirls. 

It's a change, and an adventure, but we are settled into a nice little hippy corner of Colorado Springs. even called 'The West Side'. Cheers for adventure, and a change on a whim.

Stay tuned,

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