Thursday, August 23, 2012

finding the music

It's one of those days where life has hit you in the ass numerous times and you cannot find it in yourself to do the blogging things you said you do, or to create those items you promised the deepest corner of your heart that you would get done TODAY...but it's three thirty in the afternoon and all you've managed to do is procrastinate. Sure, you got some really amazing reading in today, but the things you said you do are still looming over your head.

Welcome to most of my days off. Between the stress of life and the soul draining power of a day job, this is what most of my days off felt like. I was so dead from the week that I had no inspiration to do anything but sit on my ass and burry my nose in a book. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE a good day filled with a story, but I would go to bed feeling like I had accomplished nothing. So, I decided that I needed to get my ass in gear and start doing SHIT.

(Please don't take any of this to heart. I am no advice guru. I just am slowly figuring out what works for me personally!)

I have this girl (or boy if you wish to call it that!) that is my go to, never let me down kind of a girl - and that's music. Sure, it changes on a day by day basis. One day I'll be rapping along to Macklemore, another day I could be listening to Against Me!, and I can always count on my slow, acoustic tunes to sooth my soul and bring some inspiration.

So, if you're lacking some inspiration because it's the middle of the week and you just got off your day job - try listening to this job and hopefully it will sooth your soul a little bit.

Lana Del Ray - Summertime Sadness

Stay tuned,
l. shane

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