Wednesday, August 15, 2012

twenty one before twenty two

twenty one before twenty two list (no order)

one) do one craft project every week, whether it be big or small. keep a record of them.
two) move to another state, again
three) get back into school
four) pay off my parking ticket debt & other debt (this is the fun stuff...)
five) discover three new bands/artists to fall in love with
six) read a book every week. keep record of them.
seven) go zip lining
eight) get on a consistent work out regimen, preferably, work out for one full, sweaty hour twice a week.
nine) sell fifteen things on Etsy (at least!)
ten) consistent delicate gypsy posting. at least two times a week.
eleven) learn five new things about photography, and apply them to everyday life
twelve) work on writing a story, including character development and a decent concept, like a real writer!
thirteen) change up my hair, preferably something drastic
fourteen) really focus on expressing my creativity and the source of it
fifteen) finally learn to use photoshop!
sixteen) finally, after all these years, quit biting my damn nails
seventeen) develop the talent to take shots without chaser, and do drink a damn beer.
eighteen) get back to an assistant manager position in retail, preferably at Buckle
nineteen) learn to walk in heels, successfully
twenty) train my body to be able to go on a five mile hike without dying at the end of it
twenty one) my main goal is to just try to remain as happy and inspired as possible

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