Thursday, October 25, 2012


It's finally here. Tomorrow I get to fly home with Ryan and go see my family (and a friend whom I miss!). Sure, it's only for three days, but I still get to be home, in California. I'm not sure I can really articulate how homesick I've been. It has gotten better, and I am really enjoying the temporary world we're building here, but the west coast just never quite quits calling my name.

I'm beyond excited to see my family, and my baby brother. Sneaking in a few drinks with a good, old friends will be so wonderful. It's a bummer that I  did not turn twenty-one back home, because I feel like part of me is missing out on all these wonderful memories that could be made. But tsk tsk! Mustn't think like that.

So tonight we will be hoping on a plane and arriving home, and then Saturday there is the wedding. The wedding is going to be extravagant. My big brother is marrying a woman that could not be more perfect for him. I'm really excited that she asked me to be in it, even though I'm so far away. It's going to be so beautiful, from the black wedding dress to the old, historic building in the heart of Los Angeles.

Now, I'm really afraid that I just won't want to get back on the plane. Maybe I'll just hide out in Los Angeles. I'm sure I could convince some pretty amazing people to do it with me. Are you guys down for the adventure?

stay tuned&have a wonderful weekend. greetings from the golden coast!

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