Friday, September 7, 2012

our corner of the world

You know guys, the internet has a bad reputation. I feel people shove it into a category of being used to shit talk, speak opinions that are hurtful, and to create a more dumb founded youth - but I disagree. Look a this little world that just us bloggers have created. I love the idea that you could email nearly any of your favorite bloggers, with questions, comments or even advice and they would respond to kindly and so genuine.

I have found this in other sections of the internet, too. Back when I was eleven to about fourteen, I was a Harry Potter roleplayer. I love it, and to this day I am still friends with all of those lovely ladies and gentleman.

Yeah, the internet has a bad rep. Look how all kind and lovely our little corner is. and you know what they say, kindness spreads. Just some positive thoughts to send you into your weekend.

With love,
l. shane

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