Sunday, September 16, 2012

honesty corner, three

I'm one of those people who are fueled by fire, by a passion, and the only downside of that is that I want to fix everything and change the world - all at once. It has jumped from teaching, to special education, to pediatric brain injuries, to the GSB Alliance. I can never stay focused on one thing, but at least in the end, if one of those topics is brought up, I'm still incredibly passionate about it, I just have a hard time picking just one. (And this break from school is not helping my constantly changing mind...)

This is about to get HEAVY.

Recently Taylor Swift came out with the song "Ronan", and I won't lie, I'm a big T.Swift fan. So, naturally I went to go listen to it. It is a pretty and slow song, my favorite kind, but then I went to read the lyrics, and it touched me (as I hope it would everyone). Almost instantly I went to go find the blog that I read about, and started reading about that wonderful little boy and his momma.

Ronan was a beautiful three year old boy who was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer. He fought like hell for eight months, and then on May 9th, 2011, he passed away. His wonderful mother, Maya, wrote every day about the journey they were on. It's a heartbreaking blog (, but it tells an important story. His mother is so strong, and is taking his passing in the best way I could imagine, and is going to change the world. She will not stop until the world is more informed, and we are closer to finding a cure for childhood cancer.

While I was reading I realized the dates that she was in the hospital with her baby the last few days, I was with my little brother in a pediatric ICU two states over after he had been struck by a truck. I was looking into the eyes of a mother, and it was like looking into what my momma was going through while her baby laid in a hospital bed, comatose, in a battle of life and death. To this day I am thankful that my baby brother survived and currently lives with my Mom while recovering from a very serious traumatic brain injury, but it made me connect with Maya.

I want to make a difference. I think we all should want to make a difference. Maybe you won't personally cure childhood cancer, or magically find a way to have the brain heal, but you could get the word out there, or you could help those who have faced these things. There are so many things we can do as human beings to help each other, and I think we should all try. I think it matters to try.

Go kiss your babies. Go tell your friends you love them. Go call your Momma. Go make a difference.

& go listen to Ronan by Tayler Swift, and maybe donate a dollar to the

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