Wednesday, September 19, 2012

i'm a hard person to love, part two

From that day on, the adventures never really stopped. This redhead took an inclusive, painfully shy sixteen year old girl, and actually brought her out of her shell. Before I knew it, I was finally living the life that I had only ever thought of in my daydreams. This one ginger kid had me living the way I always wanted to. Our relationship in high school could be defined by a few simple words; adventure, church roofs, breaking into schools, rockstars, late nights, and sunshine, lots of it.

It's definitely in my books as my first favorite summer. He became my best friend that summer.

After an unforgettable year/summer that included, but was not limited to; getting chased by the cops on halloween, hanging out rebelliously in vacant houses, wandering adventures in our native desert land, and memories that would last us a lifetime, summer was over. And like most kids when high school is over, Ryan went off to college, and not just to a university that was an hour drive away. Nope, Ryan took off 1200 miles to a university in Seattle, Washington. Hence beginning our two years long distance.

Now our relationship consisted of; lots of texting, lots of plane rides, lots of skyping, and lots of missing. But, through all the distance, we just fell in love.

(Now don't get me wrong, there were lots of tears, and fighting. Long distance at seventeen/eighteen is a really difficult thing, but he was worth it. We were worth it.)

You may be kind of wondering why a picture with my little brother was thrown in, well, the answer is easy. Somewhere along the lines, Ryan became BEST friends with my little brother. My little brother always has, and continues to, look up to him. The amount that they get along and understand each other is ridiculous. I like to say we were like the three musketeers, but really, we all know that I was the third wheel. It's fine. It's one of the main reasons I love him.

Stay tuned for me,

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