Friday, January 18, 2013

honesty corner, my soul is aching...(fourteen)

Do you ever get that feeling where you truly need to be outside? The warm sunshine on your face, maybe a lovely cool breeze in the air, and being surrounded by trees so tall that you can barely see the top of them. To wander around the woods, whether they be familiar or not, or a park or not, and feel the earth, feel the silence. Bask in the silence.

I know the obvious solution is to go venture into the rockies that I live oh so close to, but when it's 3 degrees outside it seems daunting. I could drive up, and sit in my car, get out and freeze my ass off, but I'm not sure that sounds enjoyable. I"ll most likely end up doing it anyway. Why is it that I'm near one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the United States and all I do is crave either a) a crappy forrest in the desert of California or b) the luscious green and fern ridden woods of the Pacific North West?

My sea legs and heart full of wanderlust may never be content.

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