Monday, December 3, 2012

honesty corner, i am my mother

The older I get the more I truly am realizing that every good quality I have, I get from my mother. In a lot of ways I am like my siblings, which is funny because I'm not the youngest. I'm right dab smack in the middle of them all. Bits of pieces of me are my older brother, my little siblings, and even (no matter how much I do not exactly like it) my big sister. I've even the only sibling who always gets along with everyone, all the time, and who can find a way to relate, all the time. It's a funny family I'm in, but at the end of the day, I am most like my mother. Even right down to her forgetfulness and my inability to return phone calls.

I have her heart. I share her love for pretty things and Fleetwood Mac. She taught me how to use my small hands to create things out of wire and beads. We share a love for things related to the earth, hippy knick knacks, and an obsession with Christmas. She showed me to be compassionate towards the entire world, and not let our passive aggressive nature get in the way of doing what is right. I am loving, because of her.

She taught me to be a woman, a real woman, a strong woman despite things that get in the way that are out of our control. I am thankful everyday for my mother. She is truly my best friend.

(and she would literally kill me if she ever saw this post. She hates pictures. So, I can assume she would hate it even more if she realized pictures of her were on the internet. So, keep it quiet, will you?)

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