Monday, December 31, 2012

a new year is approaching...

I'm the queen of resolutions. The queen of using birthdays, and holidays as a chance to restart my world, but even though I'll write in circles about it, I've never really seen results. This year I'm taking all the power within myself to create my own results. I've come to a realization that was a long way coming, and that realization is this; I am a twenty-one year old woman and it is time to own up to who I am, and no longer let any excuse be good enough. This is my one and only life, and I will never be as young as I am in this moment in time. It is time to take everything into my own hands, to enjoy every moment and quit taking my life and my world for granted. It is time to live, and not just think about it.

I hope you all have a wonderful new years eve, and spend the time getting ridiculously silly while wearing sparkly dresses. I love you all. This new year is going to be kick ass.


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